TSM Day at the Zoo

Why Join TSM

If  you are a family of higher order multiples, there are many reasons to join Tri-State Multiples.

Our group is made up of over 100+ families of higher order multiples! We provide numerous programs and activities to help you find the answers, resources and advice you need, geared towards families with triplets or more. More importantly, the friendships you establish will last a lifetime.

Raising higher order multiples is a blessing but also a challenge. It is so nice to have people to turn to who REALLY know what you are going through and can offer assistance or just a sympathetic ear. In addition, we try to give back to the community that supports us by involving ourselves in charity events. Included in that is our very own Families First Fund, a fund developed to assist both member and non-member families of higher order multiples experiencing financial hardship.

TSM also provides many social activities, averaging one per month. We recognize it is difficult for many new families of higher order multiples(HOM) to get out and do things, but parents can gain confidence while being around other HOM families who understand.