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Membership Fees

Our Full Membership fee is $25 per year (covering January 1 through December 31) and will be pro-rated for new members. Annual dues provide access to member directories, participation and pre-sale purchasing at the semi-annual clothing and equipment sales, participation in the TSM Facebook Private Group, and attendance to all TSM functions (additional charges may apply). Scholarship memberships may be available upon request.

In addition, TSM offers an introductory membership FREE of charge called a Pro-Tem Membership. This allows potential members to discover what our group has to offer without the stress of financial commitment. Pro-Tem members include families expecting higher order multiples and those new to the group.

New members are not asked to pay dues until 3 months after they contact the group and expecting families are not asked to pay dues for the first year.. Pro-Tem Members are afforded all the same privileges as regular members, including access to the members only web site. 

How to Pay Dues


By Mail:

       Contact Treasurer